Friday, March 26, 2010

An Unusual Birthday Meditation

It's my birthday! In years past, my favorite meditation for this occasion was God's love for me from eternity past to the present. I marveled about how that sperm cell out of millions ever found that egg cell. What a delight to think that God formed me in my mother's womb.

But this year is different. Its NOT because the great truths I wrote in the preceding paragraph are worthless now. Of course not! I still treasure those truths. I just can't shake-off the Villanueva-Quiboloy controversy out of my mind.

For the record: I have already observed Eddie Villanueva's slide to ecumenism a long time ago. During the 25th Anniversary of JIL (2003), he declared: "I don't care what your religion is. What's important is we are all the People of God. We cannot allow the Devil to have a fiesta on our nation." 

What did he mean when he said he doesn't care what your religion is as long as you belong to the people of God? Mine is just a suspicion but it makes sense. By that time he was (perhaps still is) the chairman of God's People Coalition for Righteousness, an umbrella organization of Evangelicals, Catholics, and Muslims (perhaps other groups were also represented). That organization was very visible during Armida Siguion-Reyna's stint as chairman of MTRCB. These religious groups actively opposed obscenity in Philippine movies which was then a trend.

In the past, he has already labeled those who deny the essentials of the evangelical faith as "God's people"  so calling the members of Quiboloy's cult as citizens of heaven is not really a new thing.

Also, in his 2004  Miting d'Avance, there was an interfaith confession of sin among Evangelicals, Catholics and Muslims.

This is an unusual birthday meditation. But it is good to be reminded that ecumenism is a dangerous thing. Let us learn from the mistakes of Bro. Eddie.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My musings about Cindy Jacobs' prophecy on Eddie Villanueva's presidency

I think this is a good follow-up to my earlier post relating to Bill Hamon's prophecy. I have long ceased watching Eddie Villanueva's programs so I was not familiar with the recent prophecy uttered by Cindy Jacobs. Today, I watched it for the first time on Youtube. I transcribed a portion of it and I will state my musings below the video clip.

Starting at 5:34, Jacobs says: "There's a lot of things God wants to make happen in the earth. He wants his will done on the earth as it is in heaven. But his will will always be done but sometimes it can be delayed to another generation because people will not stand up and fight. In 2006, I was at Los Angeles, California in a hotel. I had not seen Bro. Eddie and Sis. Dory for a few years. I came up and asked if I could pray for him. I don't really understand the political climate of the Philippines at that time. And I said to him, "Bro. Eddie God showed me its his will for you to be the president of the Philippines. That is God's will. But when whether.. listen to me. Its not fate. Its going to take a nation of Davids that says we no longer stand for a corrupt nation... Bro. Eddie, you will always love your sheep but God is calling you to go from the priestly anointing to the kingly anointing."

My musings:

1. Cindy Jacobs is playing it safe. If Villanueva fails again, she will put the blame on us because we did not stand up and fight.

2.  There is a possibility that for the third time, Villanueva will run again in 2016. Jacobs says that unfulfilled prophecies are not frustrated, just delayed. 

3I now understand why calls for Bro. Eddie to stay with his flock and be faithful to his calling as an evangelist fell on deaf ears. Its because he believes he has received a "kingly anointing" as opposed to "priestly anointing"-- whatever those terms mean.

4Some Pro-Eddie Christians are so militant in supporting their candidate because they see themselves as a "nation of Davids".

5.  When other evangelical Christians support other candidates (perhaps Pro-Noynoy or Pro-Villar), some Pro-Eddie Christians see them outside the "nation of Davids". They refuse to say "No" to a corrupt nation. (In effect, they are saying "YES" to corruption).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yeast in the Dough

In a way, this is part two of my previous post. As I see it, there is a link between economic improvement and the advancement of the gospel in Eddie Villanueva's thought. Let me explain.

I was an avid viewer of Villanueva's Jesus the Healer TV Program. One of Villanueva's passions way back then is Bill Hamon's prophecy in 1992. Hamon prophesied that within the span of 20 years, God will use three presidents to transform the Philippines into "The America of Asia". There will be so much economic prosperity that the Philippines could afford sending missionaries. The Philippines will be the "launching pad of the gospel" says the (false) prophecy.

Thus, Villanueva has two great dreams:
1. economic glory for the Philippines that will lead to
2. the advancement of the gospel message to the nations with the Philippines as the launching pad.

Let's suppose Villanueva wins and resides in Malacanang for the next six years, will the cause of the gospel be advanced if Villanueva refuses to repent?


On the contrary, I think the witness of God's people will be severely impaired if Villanueva's sin will not be dealt with. The Apostle Paul teaches that sin will not restrict its effect to the offender. Like a little yeast, it will affect the entire batch of dough (1 Corinthians 5:6).

Given the prominence of Villanueva within the evangelical community, his sin is no small yeast. The extent of his influence will not be limited to the JIL churches. It threatens to affect us all.

Oh God, have mercy on us!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sometimes, My Opinion Doesn't Matter

JOB 40:4-5 "I am unworthy--how can I reply to you? I put my hand over my mouth. I spoke once, but I have no answer-- twice, but I will say no more" (NIV)

I cannot forget that poster posted inside a tricycle of which I was a frequent passenger:
     The image: a bunch of penguins
     The text: I don't remember the exact words but it's point is that these penguins would like to talk to God for the purpose of suggesting a few improvements.

Perhaps they would complain about the way they walk (hindi kaya ayaw nila ng pakendng-kendeng?) or perhaps they  want wings that would make them soar like eagles. Or maybe they just want a colorful appearance.

It's simply ridiculous how a penguin could ever think that there is something lacking in the wisdom of God. Yet that poster wasn't penguin-made; it's man-made. Thus it represents the arrogance of man.

We think we have brilliant opinions and God must hear them so he could fulfill his role as Deity better. We even grumble about the manna and say in our hearts that if God is good and wise, he would have given us meat.

Our Text: Job 40:3-5
We know the background behind our text:
~A righteous man named Job lost his possessions
~a righteous man lost his children
~a righteous man lost his health. A skin disease covered him from the soles of his feet to the crown of his had

Then everybody pontificates about the tragic event: his wife, his friends and even Job himself.

God begins to speak in chapter 38 of that long book. He did not explain why Job is under such circumstances. He just appealed to his wisdom and power:

"Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation? Tell me, if you understand." (Job 38:4)

God's first speech consists of chapters 38 & 39; there is more to come but God's first speech was enough for Job's submission

He realized how small he was-- "I am of small account" (ESV). Compared to God, he is reduced to insignificance. After seeing his self compared to God, Job apprehended that his opinions are insignificant too compared to the perfect wisdom of God. He decides that the best thing he could do is to cover his mouth and shut up in humble submission to God.

Job 42:3 ""Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know."

Isa. 55:9- "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."

The thoughts and deeds of the Lord are beyond human comprehension. What he has revealed unto us, we must fully accept. And for the things he has hidden in mystery, we must trust his goodness and wisdom (Deut.29:29)

Thanks be to God for the gifted teachers in the church. We can always go to them whenever we have biblical/theological questions. Yet there are times when those who are most biblically and theologically perceptive among us should say "I'm sorry! I can't answer your question. I really don't know. It's beyond human comprehension. But these I know:
     God is always right
     God is always good
     and we should submit ourselves to his wisdom."


Monday, March 1, 2010

Matthew Henry: Sin's Aggravating Factors

Factors that make our sins
1. The more knowledge we have of good and evil, the greater is our sin

2. The greater profession we have made of religion, the greater hath been our sin

3. The more mercies we have received from God, the greater has been our sin.

4. The fairer warning we have had from the word of God, and our consciences, concerning our danger of sin, the greater is the sin if we go on in it.

5. The greater afflictions we have under for sin, the greater is the sin if we go on in it.

6. The more vows and promises we have made of better obedience, the greater has our sin been.

Matthew Henry
A Method For Prayer
cited in The Devoted Life
Eds: Kelly Kapic & Randall Gleason