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Not all critics of Harold Camping are on the side of righteousness. Many of them are just scoffers.

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On the day Harold Camping's "Bible-guaranteed" prediction failed, I went to his Facebook page to see what's happening on the wall. Those responses that call for his repentance are proper. Camping must be told about his folly.

Yet on Camping's wall, you could also read posts from wicked men. One such post is from a man named Ron Holden. He posted:

"The bible guarentees it" - You mean that work of FICTION that was LOOSELY based on hear-say that happened 300 YEARS before it was written?? You mindless, ignorant fuckin' lemmings. Drink the kool-aid and get off my planet.
Let's list what Holden believes about the Bible.
 i. it is a "work of FICTION"
 ii. the Bible was not written by first century eyewitness but a product of hearsay-- written in the 4th century.
 iii. its believers are as mindless and ignorant as a certain kind of rodent.

Another post, by Matin Sabz asserts:
Jesus was a bastard kid, his mom got knocked out before marriage and blamed it on G0d, 2011 years later, there are morons out there who believe this fairytale...
Sabz believes that:
i. Jesus was not Virgin-born
ii. he was a product of  pre-marital sexual relations
iii. Jesus' mother was a liar who claimed that the baby in her womb was from God.
iv. those who believe in the virgin birth are morons

So not all who criticize Harold Camping are on the side of righteousness. They don't know it, but false teachers like Camping and mockers like Holden and Sabz are on the same side-- the Devil's side. Long ago, the Apostle Peter prophesied about the advent of such mockers. He wrote:

"First of all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires. They will say, "Where is this `coming' he promised? Ever since our fathers died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation." (2 Pet. 3:3-4 NIV)

These mockers think that life will go on and on and on the same way. They reject the idea of a righteous God acting in history to judge the wickedness of men. Peter then assures his readers that just as the wicked world in Noah's day was judged by God through a cataclysmic global flood, this present world that mocks Christianity will also face God's judgment, this time not by water by fire.

Nobody listened to Noah, the Preacher of Righteousness during his time (2 Pet. 2:5). In every day that passes, life seems to be normal for the wicked. They were eating and drinking. Businessmen were selling. Consumers were buying. Lovers were getting married. Perhaps with mocking they talk about Noah, "that crazy old man is buiding an ark-- he is expecting a great flood" and together the wicked laugh out loud (LOL). But the day of the Lord came like a thief and destroyed them all-- except that family of eight inside the ark who believed the word of God.

And so will it be the same when the true judgment time comes.

"He will punish those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus. They will be punished with everlasting destruction and shut out from the presence of the Lord and from the majesty of his power" (2 Thess.1:8-9)

But what about us? What shall we do? The Bible instructs us not to join the mockers (Psalm 1:1). Instead, we are to believe and proclaim the gospel. We must warn everyone that God has set a day when he will judge the world (Acts 17:31).

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bad Anthropology from that Facebook App

Mensahe daw ng Diyos...

"... that there are no bad people, only people with bad ideas. Have compassion towards such people, and help them sober up from the influence of bad ideas."

On the contrary, people are already bad by nature even before they have conceived any idea. The Bible reveals our sinful nature even while we were still in our mothers' womb. Psalm 51:5 says "Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me." (NIV)

And because we are sinners by nature, our inclination is not to love godly ideas but to hate and suppress them (Rom.1:18). This is the reason why we need redemption that is in Christ Jesus-- the redemption that brings light to our darkened minds (2 Cor. 4:6)
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Ang Diyos at ang Pako sa Sapatos ng Kabayo

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Hindi maayos ang pagkakapako sa sapatos ng isang kabayo. Iyan ang nagdulot ng pagkasawi ng pinakamahusay na mandirigma. At dahil nasawi ang kanilang pinakamahusay na mandirigma, natalo sa digmaan ang isang bansa.

Ayon sa isang dayuhang kasabihan: "Para sa isang taong nakasuot ng salamin na kulay luntian, ang lahat ng bagay ay kulay luntian". Para sa isang taong nakasuot ng salamin na kulay ateismo (atheism), ang lahat ng kanyang makikita ay kulay ateismo. Babasahin niya ang mga aklat kasaysayan (history books) at ganito ang kanyang makikita: NAGKATAON lang na hindi maayos ang pagkakapako sa sapatos ng kabayo. NAGKATAON lang na ang kabayong iyon ay pag-aari ng pinakamahusay na mandirigma. NAGKATAON lang na nadisgrasya siya dahil sa isang maliit na pako. NAGKATAON lang na natalo ang isang bansa sa digmaan. NAGKATAON lang.

Ang suot kong salamin ay kulay bibliya; dahil dito lahat ng aking natatanaw ay sinisikap kong ilagay sa balangkas ng Teolohiyang Kristiyano. Sa tuwing nagbabasa ako ng diyaryo o mga aklat kasaysayan, nakikita ko ang kamay ng Diyos. Ayon sa Efeso 1:11, ang Diyos ang nagsasagawa ng lahat ng bagay ayon sa kanyang pasya at kalooban. Ang Diyos ang kumikilos upang maganap ang maliliit na bagay tulad ng pagkatangay ng alikabok sa hangin hanggang sa pagdapo nito sa likod ng kalabaw. Ang Diyos rin ang kumikilos upang maganap ang malalaking bagay tulad ng pagbagsak ng isang hari mula sa kanyang trono.

Mula sa isang biblikal na pananaw, ang Diyos ang sanhi kung bakit hindi maayos ang pagkakapako sa sapatos ng kabayo. Siya rin ang sanhi kung bakit naaksidente ang pinakamahusay sa mandirigma. Siya ang sanhi kung bakit nasawi sa digmaan ang isang bansa.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Babala: Mag-ingat kay Charles Capps

 Minabuti ng Diyos na ako ay makapasyal sa PCBS-Dagupan noong nagdaang araw ng Huwebes. Sa kagandahang-loob niya ay naka-diskuwento ako  sa ilang mga aklat.

Agaw-pansin naman ang mga aklat ni Charles Capps. Marami ang stock kaya't sa wari ko ay maraming naghahanap at bumubili ng mga aklat na iyon. Nakakalungkot sapagkat si Capps ay isang mapanganib na guro. Ang layunin ng paskil na ito ay bigyang babala ang mga mambabasa.

1. Si Capps ay isa sa mga tagapagturo ng Word of Faith Movement. Sa sistemang ito, ang mga sinasabi ng Diyos ay nagkakatotoo hindi dahil sa siya ay Makapangyarihan kundi dahil sa kanyang pananampalataya. Sa kanilang salin ng Mark 11:22, ito raw ay "Have the faith of God". Ang tanong diya eh, Kung ay Diyos ay may pananampalataya, kanino siya nananampalataya?

2. Tayo bilang mga tao ay may taglay ring kapangyarihan sa ating mga sinasambit. Kung ano raw yung sinabi mo, yun ang magkakatotoo. Kung Positive Confession ang sinabi mo tulad ng "Ako ay magkakaroon ng BMW", magkakatotoo nga 'yan.  Kung Negative Confession naman ang sinabi mo tulad ng "Malapit na akong mamatay", 'yan ang magkakatotoo.

3. Maging ang Diyos ay WALANG MAGAGAWA upang bigyang lunas ang bunga ng iyong Negative Confession. Sa kanyang aklat na The Tongue- A Creative Force, sinabi raw sa kanaya Diyos:

"Ikaw ay sinasalakay ng diyablo at WALA AKONG MAGAGAWA. Ako ay IGINAPOS ng iyong mga sinabi."

4. Sa kanyang aklat na Authority in Three Worlds, Isinulat ni Capps na ang Diyos ang namamahala sa daigdig noon; subalit nang magkasala si Adan, nalipat ang kapangyarihan kay Satanas. Hindi makakilos ang Diyos sa daigdig. Ang tanging paraan para makakilos ang Diyos sa daigdig ay gumawa ng mga hakbang na LEGAL ayon sa pananaw ng "SUPREME COURT OF THE UNIVERSE". Sa aral ni Capps, ang Diyos ay hindi ang Kataas-taasang Hukom; kailangan niyang magpasakop sa isang mas mataas na korte-- Ang "Supreme Court of the Universe"

Hindi ganito ang Diyos na ipinakikilala ng Bibliya. Ang Diyos ng bibliya ang siyang pinakamataas at pinakamakapangyarihan. Malaya niyang ginagawa ang lahat ng kanyang maibigan (Awit 115:3)

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Facebook Wall (April, 2011)

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April 1
Christian hope: RESURRECTION

April 2
Used FB's audio player to share Owl City's version of Townend & Getty's In Christ Alone.
You can download the mp3 here. If you want to hear three other versions, click here.
April 5
Shared a link to my latest blog post: 
April 6
Shared a link to my latest blog post:
April 7 
Used FB's audio player to share Sojourn's reworking of Isaac Watts “Death Has Lost Its Sting”.
You can download the mp3 here
April 11
Posted a link to my latest blog post:
April 13
~ Greeted Pastor Steve Camp through a tagged video.
~ Shared this video with this caption: "Those who read "Boy Meets Girl" may well remember that Joshua Harris married an aspiring recording artist. This is Shannon's voice."

~ Shared a Link:
By John MacArthur
(caption: A true shepherd warns against a false shepherd. John Macarthur on Rob Bell)
April 14
~ Posted this link and tagged a friend.
    Caption: Madara Uchiha-kun likes loud music; the really really loud ones. I thus recommend Petra's "Enter In", one of the most theologically rich songs by the band. It is about the significance of the torn curtain of the temple while Jesus was on the cross (Luke 23:45)

~ Uploaded this as a wall photo. Tagged a friend with this caption: "To Bro. Bernabe Bacani, one of my earliest models of passionate ministry. Maraming salamat po."

~ Posted this link. Tagged a friend with this caption: Ed sayan ngarem, akaawat si Nanay na rigalo-- 30 tablitas na Simvastatin 40 mg. lapud panangaro nen Isabelo Pagdanganan. Baleg ya salamat!
April 17 
"Truth is the great treasure which God delivers to his saints with serious instruction to keep it against all that try to undermine it... If a man entrusted with keeping the king's crown and jewels is to protect these earthly valuables from being lost or stolen, how much more serious the responibility of the Christian to protect God's treasure!" (~WILLIAM GURNALL, The Christian in Complete Armor)
April 18
~ Uploaded this photo with this caption: "Kids, long before AJ Perez, Julie Vega (the star of Anna Liza) died two weeks before her 17th birthday. Ask your parents about her... Psalm 90:12 "Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." (NIV)

~ Posted a link to my latest blog post: The Heart's Overflow
April 21
~ Posted a link to my latest blog post: Huwebes Santo Hip Hop with Shai Linne

~ Reposted a link to Last Two Minutes Salvation with this caption: "Isang Luma subalit napapanahong paskil. Exposition ng isa sa mga Huling Wika sa krus, "I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise."
April 22
~ Shared in a note links to John Macarthur's series on Rob Bell:
        PART 4- Bell's Inferno

~ Shared a link to Kuwaderno ng Tinubos with this caption:  Paglipas ng mahigit isang taon, binuklat ulit ni Kuyamanny ang kanyang kuwaderno.
April 24
~ Shared a link to my latest blog post: Ang Muling Pagkabuhay at ang Buhay-Cabaret
April 26
~ Used FB's audio player to share Melissa Yakes' Praise Him More
~ Posted from Youtube Rebecca St. James' Carry Me High with this caption:

Daniel 3 inspired lines from Rebecca St. James:

"They can laugh, but let them see
You are the hope in me
They can point their fingers
Push me nearer to the flame
God, You can save me from the fire
I'm Yours, even if You don't
Whatever comes I take this vow
I will never bow..."
April 28
~  Posted from Youtube Buddy Davis' Billions of Dead Things
    Caption: Shall teach a group of kids about Noah & the flood today with Rizza Columbres, Vim Moises and Josie Baquiran This song argues that the fossil record is an evidence for the cataclysmic flood.

To the "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" generation, Rebecca St. James is a grander bride than Kate Middleton.

~ The pages you "LIKE" says so much about the condition of your heart . You like "Jesus" and the "Bible"--- PLUS fan pages of Men's Magazines and Sexy Stars.
April 30
~ Created and shared a note titled: Bulaang Hula: Noon at Ngayon