Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Message from God or from Christina Aguilera?

On this day, God wants you to know...
... that the answers are within you. You're chasing in the wrong field. What you are looking for is inside of you, not 'out there'. Take a few days off to become quiet and look within, and you will find it.

Looking within us for answers is a dangerous thing considering the Bible teaches that the heart of  man is deceitful above all things (Jeremiah 17:9). You may end up being deceived by yourself when you look inside for solutions to life's problems.

The answers are outside of us; they are found in God's written revelation namely the Holy Bible.

The counsel of this app is not from God. It sounds more like Christina Aguilera's Voice Within. Aguilera sings:

When there's no one else
Look inside yourself
Like your oldest friend just trust the voice within
Then you'll find the strength that will guide your way
You'll learn to begin to trust the voice within

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