Thursday, June 9, 2011

7th Halo-halo Huwebes

Something in Common for Friendster and HHH
In the past, most of Halo-Halo Huwebes (HHH) were featured quotes. But with the revival of Kuwaderno ng Tinubos, HHH needs a major reformat just like the old Friendster. What does the future hold for HHH? I have no idea.

My Preferred Statue for Karol Wojtyła
My brother shared this news item on Facebook. The people of Rome does not like the first ever erected statue of their Blessed John Paul II. Public opinion is against it 9-1. As for me, I would like to see a JP2 statue with his lips on the Koran.

Tinubos and The Virginian Compared
Blogger stats report that there were more than 1,500 visitors on this blog for the month of May. If only Blogger were consistent in excluding my IP address, perhaps that figure will be cut in half. That is so small compared to the popular blogs. Yet I have a reason to rejoice.

The Virginian is the official student publication of Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation (VMUF). I was on the staff for I think two-and-a-half years. Though my theology has substantially changed through the years, I was already passionate about writing for Jesus in my campus journalism days. If my memory is functioning well, each issue of The Virginian in those days had a circulation of about 2,000 copies.

The "circulation" of Tinubos last month was still below The Virginian's. Yet blogging reaches areas where printed pages can't. Most subscribers of the student publication are residents of Pangasinan, while for Tinubos, Cluster Maps report that from the period of February 2010 to May 2011, there were 1,571 visits from the United States, 465 from Saudi Arabia, 166 from the United Kingdom, 150 from Canada, 122 from Taiwan, and 104 from the United Arab Emirates. I have not noted here visits from different parts of Luzviminda and figures below three digits. I thank God for letting my voice be heard in those places.


Last week, I discovered that Tinubos has just been included in Triablogue's "Blogspotting" links. I don't know what is their criteria in their "Blogspotting" choices. Surely I am way below the level of the other Christian bloggers on the list. But just seeing Tinubos there gave me unspeakable joy.

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 My Favorite Back-to-School Song

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