Friday, October 22, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI and the Resurrection

Through the generosity of the brethren from The Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, I'm enjoying a free subscription to The Free Presbyterian Magazine.

While Typhoon Juan was striking through the province of Pangasinan, I picked the September 2010 issue and read Matthew Vogan's, "Does the Pope Believe in the Resurrection?" and learned about the following:

1. When Joseph Ratzinger was younger, he admired some liberal theologians, even worked with them.

2. Though he declared in his April 12, 2009 Easter Message that "The Resurrection Is Not a Theory, but a Historical Reality", his book that denies the same is still being sold in the market. In Introduction to Christianity, he wrote:

"The Resurrection cannot be an historical event in the same sense as the Crucifixion is."

3. In that book, he also denies the literal future resurrection of the believers. Commenting on the biblical pronouncements about the resurrection, he wrote:

"their essential content is not the conception of a restoration of bodies to souls after a long interval; their aim is to tell men that they, they themselves, live on... because they are known and loved by God in a way they can no longer perish... the essential part of man, the person, remains... it goes on existing because it lives in God's memory"

Let me also direct you to a couple of posts (here and here) from John Bugay on The Beggars All, a competent counter-Roman Catholic apologetics blog (headed by James Swan).


  1. Reminds me of Christine O'Donnell saying on aIr that she "dabbled in witchcraft." Came back to haunt her.

  2. Christine O'Donnell said that on air eleven years ago. The latest reprint of Ratzinger's book is in 2004 with a new preface from him. Hindi na basta-basta Cardinal Ratzinger ang may akda... may tatak na ngayon ang aklat na "Pope Benedict XVI". Martin Luther was right: Popes and councils often contradicted themselves.

  3. According to one of their saints, he's the last of the mojicans --the last head of the harlot church.