Friday, June 5, 2009

Mohler vs. Gay Pastors on Larry King Live!

Habang wala pa akong naisusulat para sa buwan ng Hunyo, manood muna tayo ng isang lumang video clip. Ito ay isinahimpapawid noon pang Hunyo 15, 2006. Sa bahaging ito, una nating mapapakinggan ang pahayag ni Jo Hudson, pastor ng isang predominantly gay church sa Dallas. Buong pagmamalaki niyang ihahayag na masaya siya sa kanyang homosexual lifestlye. Ang sagot ni Albert Mohler (Pangulo ng Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) ay isang matapang na paninindigan para sa ebanghelyo ni Kristo. Panoorin po natin:

HUDSON: How is he defining natural, natural relationship? My relationship is wholly and completely natural to me. It is exactly who I believe God has created me to be. And I have a wonderful, living, dynamic relationship with God. And I know, in the core of my being, that the most natural way for me to be, is exactly who I am.

KING: Reverend Mohler, don't you sympathize with that?

MOHLER: I sympathize with every single human heart wishing to know the one true and living God, but I believe there is only one way that can happen through Jesus Christ and the gospel is about repenting of sin, not celebrating it. A church that buys into the logic of Bishop Griswold is a church that's obligated to ordain homosexuals openly and unrepentant or anyone else because it's moved away from the clear authority of scripture.

A church that worships diversity is a church that's destined to accept a death null because the church itself is grounded in truth. The true church always celebrates the truth. I'm thankful there are many conservative, orthodox Episcopalians who celebrate that truth and want to obey the truth. In the main, the big truth is not the interpretation of scripture but whether we obey it or not.

You can read the full transcript here

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  1. This is amazing. Standards must never be bent even how "liberated" we are at present. When things always happen around us, people think even church thinks it's normal. but NO! Absolutlely not. The standards and truth must always be based on God's Word. No bending. nothing whatsoever.