Monday, October 15, 2012

Birthday Greetings for Joni Eareckson Tada!

"Sickness does not belong to any of us. The Bible declares if the Word of God is in your life, there will be health, there will be healing-- divine health and divine healing. There will be no sickness for the saint of God. If Moses could live such a healthy life, so can you."
(Benny Hinn)

"I am certain that I never did grow in grace one-half so much anywhere as I have upon the bed of pain."
(Charles H. Spurgeon)

"The religious idea that God chastises His own with sickness and disease and poverty is the very thing that has caused the church to go 1500 years without the knowledge of the Holy Spirit."
(Kenneth Copeland)

"God's strength is perfected not in His delivering His Messiah from crucifixion, nor in delivering His apostle from physical suffering, but is seen in the crucifixion itself, and in the apostle's weaknesses."
(Gordon Fee)

"How can you glorify God in your body, when it doesn't function right?... What makes you think the Holy Spirit wants to live inside of a physical body where the limbs and the organs and the cells do not function right?"
(Frederick K.C. Price)


Joni Eareckson Tada on Larry King Live!

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