Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Facebook Wall (May, 2011)

May 2
Erich Obispo posted a question on my Wall: "kuya manny may tanong ako... si judas na nagkanulo kay Jesus napunta ba sa langit?". In response, I pasted on a note John Macarthur's online article Did Judas Repent?

May 3
Created and shared the album VBS 2011 (a total of 16 photos)

May 4
Created and shared the note Mga Paskil sa Tinubos Blog (Buwan ng Abril, 2011)

May 5
From Youtube, I Posted Donnie and Seiko's duet: Right Combination
Caption: nostalgia mode... siguro dalawang dekada na ang lumipas buhat nang huli kong mapakinggan ito.

May 7
Through a link, shared John Piper's Status: "Bullinger, Zurich reformer, wrote 12,000 letters. More than Calvin, Luther, Melanchthon combined. How's your epistolary love?"
My caption on the link:  Piper reminds me of the earlier days when I wrote letters to my friends-- those were the days before the advent of SMS.

May 8
Uploaded a photo and captioned it with: Pagbati sa kombinasyong Carlito Cayabyab at Brenda A. Rosario-Cayabyab sa kanilang unang anibersaryo bilang mag-asawa. Nawa'y pagpalain pa ng Panginoon ang inyong pagmamahalan.

May 9
Shared a link to my latest blog post:
Babala: Mag-ingat kay Charles Capps

May 12
Some Recent Searches that Landed on Tinubos Blog
1. "bakla si Obama"- from Cebu
2. "храмовый налог"- from Latvia
3. "bernabe bacani"- from Cebu
4. "simvastatin 40 mg"- from Kuala Lumpur

~ Created a note. Same Stuff posted HERE 

May 13 
It's good that you like her just the way she is. But true love would also like to see changes in her. Brother, be an instrument of sanctification for the girl you admire. (Ephesians 5:25-26)

May 14
Shared a Don't Waste Your Life button using the app Pieces of Flair.

 May 16
Posted a link to my newest blog post: Ang Diyos at ang Pako sa Sapatos ng Kabayo 

May 17
~ Shared the following links:
       LINK 1Philosophy's version of Floyd Mayweather ducking Manny Pacquaio
       LINK 2- I noticed that my blog post Walter Martin's Last Appearance on TBN is getting some   visitors from the link below. I then found out that the site is owned by a former colleague of false teachers Kenneth & Gloria Copeland-- now calling for the couple's repentance.

May 18 
Linked Ambeth Ocampo's column and captioned it with: "Ano nga bang kurso ang bagay sa anak ko?" Dr. Jose Rizal may help you answer the question.

May 19
Lord, thank you for giving me electricity today, even if I did not use it for your glory yesterday. I deserve darkness, yet you give light still.

Follow-up comment: Too often we complain about blackouts. We fail to realize that we don't deserve electricity-- we use it for senseless things: the shows we watch; the sites we visit; the music we listen to oftentimes do not please God. Glorifying God with electricity is far from our thoughts. We ought to thank him for giving us this common grace and think of ways we can use it to glorify the giver of this gift.

May 20
Using Pieces of Flair App, I displayed my Spurgeon button together with this quote:

"How much farther could they go?
What doctrine remains to be abandoned?
What other truth to be the object of contempt?
A new religion has been initiated,
which is no more Christianity than chalk is cheese"

May 22
Using Pieces of Flair App, I displayed my Paul Washer button together with this caption:
"I don't know why you're clapping. I'm talking about you. I didn't come here to get amens. I didn't come here to be applauded. I'm talking about you." ~PAUL WASHER's The Shocking Youth Message <>

May 24
Using Pieces of Flair App, I displayed an "In Christ Alone" with this caption:
"This Cornerstone, this Solid Ground
Firm through the fiercest drought and storm"

~ Shared a link to my latest blog post: 

May 25
~ Re-posted a link to an old blog post: 
caption: LUMANG paskil sa Tinubos blog-- When Philips, Craig & Dean sing "You Are God Alone", they are not referring to the biblical God.

~ Posted a link to my latest blog post:
Many of them are just scoffers.

May 27

May 30 
~ Shared a D.A. Carson button from Pieces of Flair app with this quote: 

"There are many who call themselves Evangelicals who have abandoned either the formal or material principle-- that is sociologically they do belong to a certain kind of club called Evangelical but that does not mean that they hold to any of its historic distinctives or still less to biblically defined priorities."

~ Praise the Lord! Glory to him! I found Tinubos blog included in Triablogue's "Blogspotting" links. 

May 31
~ Recommended a link: Donnie's 8 Cute (But Most Misused) Verses in the Bible

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