Wednesday, April 6, 2011

James R. White on Princeton Seminary

White's thoughts on Fuller Seminary here and here. Now his thoughts on Princeton Seminary. I transcribed this from a talk he delivered before the staff of Trinity Law School. Starts at 26:17

"When you think of places of Christian instruction, what is the tendency historically of places of Christian  instruction over time? Do they move more and more toward the truth? Or do they tend to move away from the truth? I mean let's think about Princeton. I visited the Princeton Cemetery recently which is very close to Princeton Seminary. I'm not sure which one is which because to be honest with you, walking through the cemetery, seeing the graves of Jonathan Edwards and the Hodges and B.B. Warfield and a couple of Presidents buried there; great education to be drawn from those men's lives. And you drive down the road to Princeton Seminary and you're reminded of a bit of cemetery because of what has happened over the years in an abandonment of the very things that people like Jonathan Edwards would never have ever allowed in their own lifetime. The tendency of seminaries especially but Christian religious institutions is to move toward a worldly perspective rather than toward a biblical perspective. Why is that? Well I think one of the primary reasons is a love of the praise and acceptance of the world in regards to our scholarship"
~James R. White

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