Thursday, March 24, 2011

PART 2: James R. White on Fuller Seminary and President Richard Mouw

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"Richard Mouw is the perfect mirror picture of what has happened to Fuller Seminary.
Once a conservative bible-believing seminary, now no longer."

White recalls his earliest memory of a compromising Mouw in an old online interview. White submitted a question in an AOL chat room about the most fundamental difference between Christianity and Mormonism: MONOTHEISM. Yes, Mouw compromises even at this level White testifies.

White also recalled the November, 2004 incident at the Mormon Tabernacle. Mouw apologized in behalf of evangelicals for bearing "false witness" against Mormonism1

White comments: "He is the worst enemy Mormonism has ever had because by his false friendship, he has greatly degraded the outreach to the Mormon people who need to hear a clear proclamation of the gospel."2

Regarding Mouw's belief that Mother Theresa is in heaven and his "shame on you" remark for those of us who believe otherwise, here is White's response:

"Here now we have the President of Fuller Seminary saying 'Shame on you' if you actually believe that there is a gospel by which you must be saved and that the Roman version of it isn't it.

"Let us say she is the nicest person you've ever met, President Mouw, her righteousness is as filthy rags before the Lord. Sir, have you read that in the Bible anywhere? If she was everything that you say she was, then where does she deserve to be, President Mouw? Evidently, from the modernist-liberal Protestant, she along with every Buddhist and every good Hindu and lalalalala belongs to heaven because they don't have any concept of the holiness of God. But if she was everything she was propped up to be, what would she deserve? Heaven? No! And here is the divide indeed, because liberal Protestantism really doesn't believe that there is a need for something as radical as the cross.

"Shame on you sir, shame on you for abandoning the gospel. Shame on you for your destruction of meaningful outreach to the Mormon people. Shame on you for putting the Mormon people in a position where they can be insulated from the clear proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. and shame on you for thinking Mother Theresa was good enough to go to heaven because she wasn't. She needed the gospel like anybody else does."
1In a subsequent statements, Mouw specifically identified highly respected apologist Walter Martin as one of those who "seriously misrepresented the beliefs and practices of members of the LDS faith "

2.  In this report by the Baptist Press, Tim Clark, an evangelical leader within the Utah area said regarding Mouw's apology: "It sets back our work as Christian witnesses in Utah and Idaho... it does not communicate a clear Gospel"presentation."

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