Friday, January 2, 2009

Joshua Harris on Keeping a Journal

In relation to my first resolution for 2009, here's what Joshua Harris says about journaling:

"I put everything in my journal. Spiritual reflections. Prayer requests. Random lists of things I'm thinking about. I tape in letters and notes. I doodle. I also usually flip to a random page in the back and list a bunch of questions I have about the future (both personal and about world events). Then, months later, when I get to that page I answer the questions based on what has happened since.

But the biggest benefit of journaling is being able to track the work of God in your life. It's amazing how much we forget about what he's teaching us, how he's sustaining us and how he's changing us if we don't record it somehow. Do you journal? Do you have any interesting journaling habits?"

(Joshua Harris is best known for writing I Kissed Dating Goodbye. His other books include Boy Meets Girl, Not Even a Hint, and Stop Dating the Church. He currently serves as Senior Pastor at Covenant Life Church. He also sits as member of two important councils: The Council of Bliblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) and The Gospel Coalition.)



  1. hi kuya! yep, i resolved in my heart to journal, too, as much as i can because i don't wanna miss out on even the littlest things that God may be doing in my life. like a sponge i wanna be able to absorb everything so when squeezed i can offer to others, as well..

  2. Thanks for this comment, Jhoanna. This is an excellent insight from you: "i wanna be able to absorb everything so when squeezed i can offer to others, as well".

    Wow, that's really great. It reminds me that our practice of ALL Spiritual Disciplines (not just journaling) is not for our benefit alone but for the benefit of others as well. The more we train ourselves in spiritual things, the more we are fit to minister to others.